Top 5 AI Tools that Level Up Your Content Marketing

This article discusses how content marketing benefits from the combination of creativity and strategy, with the help of AI-powered writing tools that automate research, keyword targeting, and content generation to enhance content quality and efficiency.

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Content marketing thrives at the nexus of creativity and strategy. In the modern digital age, marketers are constantly juggling capturing audience attention while providing substantial value. This intricate dance finds an ally in writing tools powered by generative AI.

These AI systems do more than just draft content. They delve deep, researching trends, pinpointing keywords, and generating insightful drafts and concise snippets. This automation frees content teams from the minutiae, allowing the latitude to focus on innovation, refinement, and pushing creative boundaries.

The impact is synergy: AI doesn’t diminish the human touch but amplifies it, paving the way for a content marketing landscape that’s both efficient and profoundly engaging.

Understanding AI’s Place in Modern Content Marketing

An array of AI-infused tools enriches modern content marketing. Let’s explore the most popular AI solutions making their mark on the industry.


Jasper is more than just an AI writing tool — it’s an ally for small businesses, writers, content publishers, and content managers striving for timely, scalable content. Leveraging the prowess of the GPT-4 machine learning (ML) model, Jasper ensures content that’s not only unique but also tailored to specific demands.

With over 50 pre-curated templates spanning various categories, Jasper simplifies the creation of SEO-optimized content, whether blog posts, product listings, or even catchy captions. Favored templates include Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA) frameworks, blog skeletons, detailed product descriptions, and nuanced scripts.

Drafting a blog post or any content piece? Input the content type, sprinkle in some desired keywords, and hit “Generate.” Jasper’s nuanced algorithms, backed by GPT-4, translate your prompts into engaging content. For those keen on a brand-consistent approach, the “Knowledge” feature stands ready to align Jasper with your unique brand voice, style, and essence.

Moreover, the Jasper Everywhere extension makes this tool your omnipresent writing assistant. It integrates into your web browser and online activities, from drafting emails to social media captions and creating digital content. This extension means that Jasper’s expertise is just a click away, whether your platform is a content management system (CMS), email, or social media. And for a more bespoke experience, organizations can harness the power of Jasper API, embedding its intelligence directly into their systems.


Clearscope’s ability to evaluate and enhance existing content is particularly beneficial for content marketers aiming to keep their materials current and relevant in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Its sophisticated AI-driven insights can break down an existing article, blog post, or any content type, pinpointing areas that could benefit from updates or refinements.

One standout feature in this context is the Clearscope Content Reports. Ideal for assisting in a refresh of some old content, these reports meticulously scan through your content, highlighting sections that might be lagging in SEO strength or reader engagement. These lapses may be due to outdated statistics, newly relevant keywords that the content lacks, or shifts in user intent. By identifying these areas, Clearscope offers actionable suggestions to bridge the gap.

This functionality is complemented by its integration with platforms like WordPress and Google Docs, enabling users to implement suggested changes directly.

For discovering new topics to emphasize, Clearscope’s Keyword Discovery feature goes beyond just listing potential keywords. It dives into web data, analyzing pages to identify monthly search volumes, the underlying search intent, and even the approximate cost-per-click on Google. The purpose is not just to pinpoint popular keywords but those that truly resonate with the target audience and have the potential to drive significant traffic.

Clearscope can also assist in formatting its SEO insights into content briefs and outlines, providing an AI assistant capable of researching and outlining your content. It’s an excellent way to get your content strategy off the ground.


BuzzSumo is a cloud-based AI content platform tailored to expedite your content ideation process. It aids in unearthing new content inspiration, pinpointing trending keywords, and surveilling the media landscape to remain on the cutting edge of the latest developments.

BuzzSumo Trending offers a comprehensive lens for those eager to remain abreast of hot topics spanning a myriad of sectors. With a streamlined interface (and a little AI assistance), exploring topics and discovering pertinent articles becomes a breeze. You can then enrich your content strategy with novel insights and standout viewpoints.

In parallel, the BuzzSumo Web Content Analyzer grants you a window into your audience’s preferences while shedding light on your competitors’ moves. A simple keyword input unearths a trove of high-engagement content, offering a glimpse into the success formula behind viral articles. With these insights, you can craft content mirroring that success or elevate your offerings to outpace the competition.

To refine your strategies, BuzzSumo’s content analysis visuals are indispensable. These graphs depict the trajectory of articles’ publications and subsequent shares over a timeline. Depending on your chosen package, these insights can span years, providing a long-term view and enabling informed decisions on which trends and topics to add to your content calendar.

Frase is an AI-powered content tool that provides solutions for drafting SEO-friendly content. One of its core features is its ability to analyze competitor content, which helps identify areas for improvement in your content strategy. Its integrated SEO tools also aid in finding trending keywords, ensuring your content remains relevant and potentially improves its position in search engine result page (SERP) listings.

The platform can quickly produce content outlines based on its SEO research. Its GSC Content Analytics tool also pulls data from your website’s Google Search Console, providing performance metrics for individual web pages. This data-driven approach can guide content creation efforts that align with SEO best practices and provide detailed insights into which pieces of your content are performing — and why they’re doing well.

Frase offers various content generators catering to needs such as introductions, blog titles, and summaries. There’s also a focus on content revitalization. Its Article Rewriter tool, for example, can update and refresh older content to make it more current.

Plus, Frase analyzes key SERP metrics from competitor content like domain ranking and word count to give users a competitive edge. For those looking to refine previously published content, Frase offers a feature that compares your article to top-ranking competitors based on a specific keyword. From this comparison, it provides actionable suggestions for content enhancement.


Semrush is an all-in-one SEO tool for digital marketing that helps with keyword research, competition tracking, SERP position tracking, traffic analysis, SEO audits, and more. This one-stop platform helps achieve your goals with 55 tools, including Keyword Magic, Domain Overview, and the Writing Assistant.

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your writing skills, the SEO Writing Assistant plugin might just be the tool for you. It integrates with your web browser and Google Docs to provide real-time grading of your content. The plugin offers suggestions to improve your tone, avoid repetition, and enhance your article’s quality.

The SEO Content Template can quickly analyze the top 10 competitors of a particular content piece and create an SEO template customized to your needs. It offers a comprehensive list of semantically related keywords to integrate into your article. The template also shows your copy’s ideal length and recommended readability score.

Semrush has two free SERP checkers to make SERP analysis more manageable — Keyword Overview and Position Tracking. Keyword Overview lets you analyze keywords with metrics like search volume, competition level CPC, SERP features, trends, difficulty, and more. Meanwhile, Position Tracking offers daily tracking of a specified keyword list and follows their rankings. You can use the information these tools gather to optimize your content and improve your ranking.


AI-enhanced content platforms promise efficiency but are only one piece of the puzzle. Quality content marries the precision of technology with the nuance and creativity of the human touch. At ContentLab, we harmonize the advanced capabilities of AI with the rich innovation that comes from human expertise. This synergism allows us to produce content that resonates to stand out in a saturated digital landscape.

Collaborating with us ensures a content strategy that’s both technologically advanced and human-centric. If you’re looking for the perfect blend of tech-powered efficiency and human creativity, reach out to ContentLab today.

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