ContentLab's Referral Progam

We’re excited to launch our new Referral Program, aimed at rewarding our incredible community of clients, partners, and friends for promoting our premium content creation services. Our dedication to producing tailor-made, engaging content now comes with an added benefit for spreading the word about our services. Given your deep engagement with the tech landscape, you might know someone in need of our offerings before we do. Let’s work together to support them!
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How it Works

For every new client you refer to us who signs an agreement within 90 days of the referral submission date, we’ll express our thanks with a $250 USD gift card from a vendor of your choosing (options below). This program is our way of thanking you for the continued support of ContentLab and its growth.

Eligibility and Participation

Referrals can be from anywhere globally and must be new business opportunities who have not purchased our Content Creation Services within the past 365 days. We are seeking companies in the tech industry that consider developers as their target audience. Referrals can be submitted by copying your ContentLab point of contact in your outreach email.

Reward Details

The $250 USD gift card reward will be payable upon the successful onboarding with the referred client within 90 days of the referral date. The gift card payment will be made directly to the referrer using the email used to make the referral. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make; however, each referral must result in a signed agreement to qualify for the reward.

Gift Card Options

Terms and Conditions

The referral program is applicable only for our Content Creation Services.
Referrals are considered successful when the referred client signs a contract and completes the initial payment for the services. We reserve the right to deny or cancel any referral agreement and any benefit resulting from such referral if we, in good faith, believe the referral may be fake, a self-referral or there may be fraudulent or other deceptive practices involved in the referral.

If receipt of such gift card is a taxable benefit to you, you are responsible for any such taxes. ContentLab reserves the right to modify the terms of the referral program or terminate the program at any time without prior notice. However, any referrals made prior to such changes or termination will be honored according to the terms in place at the time of the referral. If there is an issue with the gift card or the business associated with the gift card, such issue must be addressed with that business and not with ContentLab. If there is any dispute relating to the ContentLab Referral Program, we will have good faith communications with you about the dispute, provided however, we reserve the right to determine the validity of the dispute and the resolution to the dispute in our sole discretion.

We understand that some businesses are not able to receive gift cards. If you are unable to accept gifts in your role, we are happy to make a donation on your behalf to a charity focused on a universal cause of your choice (hunger, poverty, education, disaster relief, health care).

Thank you for your continued support and partnership. We look forward to celebrating many successful referrals with you.

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