Contentlab: IMDB for apps

Because we all agree the Apple App Store sucks:

  • Its super slow on both Wi-Fi and mobile network connection
  • Reviews are completly unfiltered and written by 5 year olds
  • Only shows the marketing lingo description by the app's developer
  • Doesn't provide a useful web accessible version
  • Search just doesn't work due to app keyword stuffing and lack of filtering
  • Its app categories are too generic
  • Charts are dominated by bland keyword-rich apps or driven by the latest app-sales promotions
  • Charts are rigged by paid-for app downloads schemes
  • Apple blocks app-discovery competitors like AppGratis
  • International users are forced into their local app store

Contentlab is better:

  • Focused on app discovery
  • Super fast site on mobile or desktop
  • App content curated by its users instead of an app's marketing department
  • Advanced search filtering powered by Google
  • Create your own favorite app lists for sharing or reference
  • Tag apps with keywords
  • App discovery enhancing charts
  • User reviews that are useful
  • Focus on actual screen captured video instead of random screenshots

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